15th August 2012


  1. I can relate to much of this....nearly every night little Miss 4 snuggles in beside me, usually without waking me. I think we both sleep better for it and certainly wake feeling very grateful and much loved.

  2. Sometimes I yearn for the quiet and stillness, then there are times I curse it because it opens up the gates to my mind and it wanders aimlessly.

  3. Night time is not one of my favourite times at all. I usually avoid bed & sleep as long as I can... often into the early hours of the morning. I do need sleep but my dreams are often full of sadness regarding my "lost" son and his children.
    When my children were younger, I often had one or another climb in beside me in the night. Those memories are delightful... the days when it was all so simple and sure... when I knew all my children were safe & secure... and with me.